How to Find the Right Mystery Shops For You

How To Find the Right Mystery Shop For YouBe sure you broaden your mystery shopping jobs and not just sign up for apartment evaluations. If you like to be outside and talk to people, then performing apartment, car, and restaurant mystery shops might be just the right area for you.  In addition to home inspections, there are clothing, and grocery mystery shops too.  There are other mystery shops that offer services for money, like free massages and dental visits. If you want a free massage or dental visit, there are some shops that allow you to obtain a free massage or dentist visit in exchange for doing an evaluation. The downsides of these shops are that most companies require you to pay the upfront costs and then reimburse you at a later time.

However, do not limit yourself in mystery shopping. There are also demonstration jobs, telephone shops, cash for filling out surveys, and modeling type jobs.  Demonstration jobs usually require a four to six hour day and normally one has to stand the entire time when serving samples to the public. If you like to interact with people, a demonstrator job offers the latest products as samples to the public and the plus side is that they usually pay cash on the spot or soon thereafter.   If you would rather sit at your computer, then you can earn money by filling out surveys online.  This can be a little time-consuming, but you do not have to leave your home, so this might work for stay at home family members.Telephone shops also can be done at home and only requires a phone and computer.

There are still other mystery shops that look for people to represent them for a product and look for a certain type of person.  You usually need to send in a head shot with measurements and the company will contact you if you fit the product they want to endorse. These companies usually pay at the end of the job so you get paid cash immediately. Therefore, before you sign up, think about which job might fit your lifestyle and pocketbook the best and make that extra cash.

Elisa E.