Mystery Shoppers Dress For Success

dress-for-successYou always hear, “Dress for success.” When you perform apartment mystery shops, you should always check to see the criteria for the rental income level for that community which is listed on the shop specifications. Some communities are high-end apartment buildings while others are moderately priced, and still others may be a lower income property that is subsidized by the government.

Checking the company website always helps to establish what type of community you are visiting so that you are prepared to provide an income amount or budget for rent that fits what the apartment community offers. This also helps ensure you wear appropriate attire when you mystery shop the community.

If you are not prepared and state an inadequate income for a high-end community, you could run the risk that the leasing professional would say that you do not qualify. However, if, you say you make too much money and the community is a moderate to lower income building, then you can risk being overqualified and denied for that community as well. If either of these things happen you would not be able to complete the shop assignment and would not be paid for your work up to that point.

On high-end communities, you do not want to draw attention to the leasing professional that you really do not qualify by wearing old or wrinkled clothing, or worse, still have curlers in your hair! If you have an older car and need to visit a higher-priced community, you can park down the street.

On all occasions, wearing clean and neat attire is a must. Dressing appropriately could create a positive relationship between you and the leasing professional. Studies show that people respond more favorably to well-groomed individuals and what we want is for the leasing professional to feel comfortable so they have the best opportunity to be successful on their mystery shop.

So even in mystery shopping you must dress for success.