As an independent contractor, there are a couple of areas, to make sure are in order before and while completing mystery shops.

Create a Game plan.
Determine what kind of mystery shops you like to complete and how often you would like to complete a shop. Would this be weekly, monthly, or every so often? The great thing is most mystery shopping companies do not set a minimum shop limit. This gives you ultimate flexibility to complete mystery shops as you wish.

Once you determine how often you want to complete a mystery shop, watch your e-mail for monthly alerts. Many mystery shopping companies set out e-mail alerts with their available shops. Submit your request for your top pick mystery shops as soon as you see it. The good shops aren’t usually available for long.

Keep a simple spreadsheet, note pad, or computer folder to keep track of how much you are making each month. This allows you to determine if you need to pay taxes. Any amount over $600 should be reported on your taxes. Please confirm this advice with a tax expert.

Company Rules.
Make sure to check company rules for each mystery shopping company that you contract with so that you are in compliance with everything.

On Time Reporting.
If you want to continue to complete mystery shops, on time reporting will be key. This allows the mystery shopping company who hired you time to review and edit your report. It also allows their staff to reach out if they have any questions before the report is due to the company who hired them.

Overall, being an independent contractor allows you the flexibility that you probably only dreamed of prior to mystery shopping. If you follow the above suggestions, you will be off to a great start as an independent contractor for mystery shopping companies.