Tips for Successful Mystery Shopping This Holiday Season

The holidays are near and there couldn’t be a better time to get in the swing of mystery shopping. Mystery shopping is an easy way to make extra cash and with gift giving season approaching quickly, what a great time to start earning!

Here are some tips to keep you successful with your mystery shopping during this holiday seasonThis is the busiest retail season of the year, which means people are shopping more, eating out more, and expecting more. In order for businesses to keep up with shopper’s expectations, mystery shoppers are a must for organizations. And what a great way to kill two birds with one stone by getting your own personal shopping out of the way AND make a little extra spending money. Here are some tips to keep you successful with your mystery shopping during this holiday season.

  • Day Light Savings- As of November 4th when Daylight Savings Time ended, it started getting dark outside significantly sooner. Make sure you take into account the time change when arranging your shops. Some shops may require you to be outside, which could prohibit your obligation to the company that has hired you to conduct the shop. Be diligent when setting up your shopping times to ensure you have enough daylight time to be effective during your shop.
  • Vacation- Since it’s the holiday season, it is also the “take vacation” season for many employees. There may be a target employee that is needed to be shopped so remember to take into consideration vacation time and be on top of it with scheduling your shop. You don’t want to miss out on a shopping opportunity, because you didn’t think about their vacation time.
  • Inclement Weather- It’s no surprise that we have had an unusually wetter and colder year so far. Get ready for poor weather conditions and remember that some shops you sign up for may be weather permitted. For example, a leasing consultant is probably not going to be able to give you a tour if it’s possibly wet and freezing. More importantly, you probably won’t want to get out in the nasty weather either. Schedule your shops accordingly and don’t put them off until the last minute! You never know when our crazy weather is going to take a turn for the worst.
  • Organization- Given that this is the busiest time of the year, it is also the most chaotic time of the year! Remember to stay organized with your mystery shopping. Take notes, be detailed, and above all else, don’t get lost in the “shopping” experience to where you forget your purpose of shopping in the first place.

Mystery shopping is important for organizations any time during the year, but it is especially important during the holiday season for many companies. Companies are relying on you to be their eyes and ears in order to ensure that standards are being met and most importantly, customer’s needs are being satisfied. Mystery shopping is an easy and fun way to make extra income, which is why so many people jump on the mystery shopping bandwagon. Now is the best time to get started!

Allison M