5 Mystery Shopping Tools For Success

There are several key mystery shopping tools for success.  It goes without saying that having a keen eye is essential to being a great mystery shopper.  Beyond that, there are tools you can use to aid you along the way. Here are 5 mystery shopping tools for success on every shop.

5 mystery shopping tools for successNotebook

A small or pocket sized notebook can come in handy when you need to jot down quick notes. Remember not to do this in front of the agent or employee.  You can make a trip to the restroom without the staff becoming suspicious that you may be a secret shopper, and when you know you cannot be observed you can take notes.

Pocket audio recorder

If you do not want to carry a notebook, you can use a recorder to verbally record personal notes.  Again, you do not want the agent or employee to see or be aware that you are doing this.  This could include leaving the recorder in your car, if it is not on your cell phone, and quickly recording all of the information that you may not remember. You should not record your entire visit without permission from the mystery shopping company, or without understanding the laws related to recording conversations in your state.

Ready responses to common questions

There are mystery shop contract assignments where the person being evaluated will ask you questions about your needs. You should be able to provide answers that help maintain the appearance that you are a real customer. For example, you might be asked to request a certain size home, or that you have a specific need such as a view that faces east.  Reviewing the contract shop specifications beforehand will help you be successful on your shop.

Successful mystery shoppers display a positive attitudePositive attitude

This is one of the most important mystery shopping tools for success. When you have a positive attitude, you create a space for the employee or agent to feel the same and the potential for them to do a great job.


You want to make sure you complete your mystery shop contracts when promised.  Remember to make a note in your calendar along with the address and location of the shop.  Some shop contract specifications include time frames during the day for shop completion, and others specify within how many days the shop contract should be conducted after you committed to the shop.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed when completing your first mystery shop contract, but you will learn very quickly that once you have a system in place that works for you it will be much easier to gather and recall the information necessary to share in your mystery shop report.

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