How Can I Possibly Remember Everything?

Being a mystery shopper really is a fun adventure and you can really make a difference in the level of customer service other renters like you are getting when they look for a new apartment. But there are some tricks to the trade – as there are with pretty much everything we undertake!

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the process, but make sure you are paying attention to detail the best you can – it’s the only way you can tell the management company exactly what your customer experience was like with their leasing professional.

A few things that will help with retaining all those details:

  • Wear or take something that shows the time (watch, cell phone, etc.)
  • Carry a small notepad and pen (to keep hidden on your person or in your car)
  •  Take a camera or recording device (recommend this only if noted in the shop contract specifications)

IMPORTANT! If the mystery shopping company doesn’t ask you to take a recording device, you should be very careful of doing so. The laws in some states require that you and the other person are both aware they are being recorded!

And of course there are things NOT to do as well:

  • Don’t just try to find things that are “wrong” (instead, focus on the positive)
  • Don’t talk over the leasing professional and ask a lot of questions (allow them to offer information and listen to what they say intently)
  • Don’t wait to put your thoughts down (especially if you’re going right to another shop!)

Remember, it’s all in the details.

Even though it may seem hard in the beginning, it just becomes natural over time. Pretty soon, you’ll be naturally mystery shopping every restaurant and salesperson you interact with unintentionally even when you aren’t doing a mystery shop on them!

Do you have tips on how to remember all the details for your mystery shopper reports? Share them here!