The Stuck Up Shopper

stuck up shopperI began mystery shopping when a friend that was already a shopper told me that I would be good at it. I was not familiar with it, but I always valued giving and receiving good customer service so I said why not. I began to shop and I got so deep into it that I forgot that she was doing it before I was.

In my mind, I was first and I referred her! We would often race to see who would get a shop if we both applied for them. We would also compare our ratings to each other- a friendly rivalry. However, I began to notice how hard I worked to keep my commitments to the shops that I applied for while she did not have a big problem cancelling. It may be because she was tired or maybe because she decided the pay was not enough after she already applied. She then began to wonder why I was getting more blind solicitations or referrals from other companies.

I would tease her about it and her response would be “Well, I am with 35 other shops so I have other options”. She felt that if she cancelled several times due to what she considered legitimate reasons that they should understand. If they did not, she felt that she was with 35 other companies and so she would just move on.

On the other hand, it was a rare occasion when I cancelled and I felt very bad about it. There are a lot of people counting on shoppers; the client, the schedulers, the reviewers and also the customer. I may not be with 35 companies, but the companies I am with know that they can count on me to keep my commitments. So the question is: Is it better to be with a lot of companies that may not be sure if they can count on you or to be with fewer companies that know you will keep your commitments and value you as a shopper? You decide.

Happy shopping!

In A Tight Spot? Try Mystery Shopping

student needing cashAre you thinking of moving out soon? Are you unemployed, in between jobs, a college student, or just someone wanting extra money? If so try mystery shopping. We will pay you what you are worth. We will pay you on time. We will give you more than enough work. We will give you possible bonuses every week. What more can you want.

When was the last time you got a bonus at work? …and then every week at that. Shop at fun stores restaurants and so much more. You will have a chance to critique everyone that you come to encounter with.

And let me be “Frank” EPMS is the mystery shopping place to contract with. I have had no problems with them and no delays. Mystery shopping is a great way to go and especially if you find the right company to do business with. EPMS is the right company to do just that. They have nice jobs to do and they are pretty consistent when it comes to work. I have never not had an opportunity to do some work within a few miles of my home. I like that.

So if you are thinking and I know you are…just come go to the website and get started now. The sign-up process will only take a few moments and then you will be off to the races.

I wish you much luck and prosper in your new career.

How Mystery Shopping Can Help You Get Back on Your Feet

mystery-shopperHave you just lost your job and you are steady sending out resumes and nobody is knocking on your door? Well I was once that person too. I lost my job after working there for 15 years and was left to fend for myself. Sure I got a small severance pay after the company paid off it’s debt first because of misuse of the money it was making. Now I was still jobless with money running low and bills still running high. Sound familiar? Well if it is then you should try mystery shopping!

Mystery shopping is the new crave of today. Yes there are some out there that say it doesn’t work or something negative about it but I will tell you this. It does work. What’s so hard about getting a shop which is the job that you are required to do and then completing a survey or questionnaire type form with a report of your findings and experience and then turning it in for payment? Does that sound hard? Some shops pay from 20 dollars to 60 dollars and you can complete them in about 3 hours or less which in today’s society is good money. I don’t know about you but that’s $20 an hour and that’s pretty good for a part-time position.

So if you are looking to do something fulfilling that won’t tie your entire day up and won’t have you fighting through traffic then mystery shopping is the way to go!

The Who and What of Apartment Mystery Shoppers

mystery apartment shopperApartment mystery shoppers are secret shoppers hired on a contract basis to visit apartments posing as potential renters. Their assignment is to collect information about the quality of the rental homes and and the level of service and sales skills of the leasing professional. In return they are paid.

The appearance, performance, and acquaintance of the shopper are as vital as the apartment appearance itself. The owners and management companies are reliant on the apartment mystery shopper’s feedback.

Apartment mystery shoppers might require a digital camera to take pictures and an email account to receive new assignments and respond to the completed assignments. A PayPal account might offer smooth and swift money transactions for your completed apartment mystery shopper assignments.

Mystery shopping for apartments involves touring to various places. Mystery shoppers for apartments are responsible for all their costs, so they need to keep track of their expenditures for gas and other necessities.

The same apartment mystery shopper cannot tour the same apartment community repeatedly since their identity may be recognized.

If you haven’t considered becoming an apartment mystery shopper, you should. More information can be found on the Ellis Mystery Shopper Jobs website.


Be Careful Who You Take With You

mystery shopper and guestWhen taking a guest with you on a shop, be careful who you take. Taking the wrong guest can blow your cover, distract you, or not allow you to take control of your own shop. A first time guest should always be warned of how mystery shopping works.

I tell my guest to just follow my lead by allowing me to ask all the questions that are needed and to let me order a meal first, especially if it is a food shop. I then give them a nod when it is time for them to order or ask whatever questions they may have.

Once they understand what is going on then they become what I consider “Professional Guests”. They know what to do and they understand my lead. I always have 2 to 3 people that I call on when I need a guest. I have someone my age, someone older, and someone significantly younger for those 21 to 28 year old shops. And let me not forget my 13 year old who is good for those underage video shops.

My Professional Guests are now just as good as I am as far as what to look out for, they just don’t have to do the reports. Train your guest well and they can be a great help in times when you have to..well..take a potty break!! Happy Shopping.

Fun & Excitement With Mystery Shopping

mystery-shopper-movingAre you moving? Are you looking for an apartment? How about turning your shopping experience into a cash cow system for you. Want to know how? Listen up.

Did you know that you can shop and make money without spending a dime. This is real legit cold hard cash! The best part about it, is that it is absolutely fun. Here’s how it works. You register with your personal information and how you would like to get paid, you take a few simple test to make sure that you know the difference between red and green and hot and cold. Pretty simple right?

Then the next day with your login and password that was sent to your email, you’re going to take that and login in and look for shops in your area or an area that you happen to be visiting. Let me explain. Let’s say you are going to Chicago for the weekend…well if this is the case then you could see if there are any available shops in Chicago to do. If there are then you can assign them to you. Now think of that, a vacation, recreation and a little work that makes cold hard cash. Can you beat that? Heck no.

So why don’t you try us out. We need good people like you to shop, survey and report your findings. Here there is no delay in the pay today. Sign up now everyone and get paid right away. You will not be sorry.

How To Spot A Mystery Shopping Scam

shopper-scamToo often our emails have shopper scam emails. Typically, a shopper scam email promises you a high rate of pay for a short duration of work. It is relatively easy to spot a scam email. Generally speaking, if it sounds too be good to be true it is.

In the event you receive an email seeking your help as a mystery shopper, you should always receive an email from a company’s domain name (i.e. in lieu of someone’s name or another foreign domain name. In addition, the scam email generally asks for a host of personal information without further directing you to a corporate website.

A legitimate mystery shopping company will not solicit you without you first filling out an application to work for them. When in doubt, you can always check with the MSPA association for a list of legitimate mystery shopping companies looking for shoppers. In the event an email or piece of postal mail asks you to wire money to someone for any reason, you should never do so. This is always a red flag and a sure indication that such is a scam. Also, in the event you are sent postal mail with a check to cash in advance of doing any work, you should never cash the check because this too is a scam.

Always do your homework first, by researching the mystery shopping company prior to applying to work for them.

Is Mystery Shopping Worth It?

mystery-shopping-worth-itWell of course it is. Mystery shopping, sometimes referred to as secret shopping, is where an individual is hired to “act” like a customer, and evaluate services at a business. Wouldn’t you love to be undercover and nobody knows? Sounds exciting, right? Well let’s walk you through a scenario so that afterwards you will get signed up.

Here is how easy it is: You register with us. You get access to all the mystery shops to perform. You accept certain mystery shops. You read over all of the information and go perform the task that is required. You report your findings and facts back to the company via computer, fax or scan. Now the best part of it all, you get paid!

Where on earth have you made money that quick? No where, right? Mystery shopping is the easiest job that I have ever had. Listen the time is now and it doesn’t get any better. Secure your area and be the first one to mystery shop in your community. The faster you sign on with us, the faster you can be making money and keeping busy.

I used to be the one looking at these ads and wonder was this all real? Well I will tell you this…for the last few months I have been very happy that I made the choice to do mystery shopping. There is no fee of any sort. This my friends is the real deal! Try it out today!

Is Mystery Shopping A Mystery?

mystery-shopper-mysteryNo but some seem to think so. Mystery shopping is the wave of the future. It is allowing all types and walks of people from all around to make money that is making a difference in their life.

Why don’t you try it and make a difference in your life as well. What would an extra $6000 a year do for you? Do you think you would have money for extra gifts, vacationing, eating out more with your friends and family? That’s exactly what it has done for me. Mystery shopping has allowed me to have fun and make money and fill in those gaps of time that I often have during the day to be productive.
The great benefit is that it does not take all day to do. Just go to a shop, perform your task, go home and type up the report. It’s that easy so why doesn’t everyone do it? I don’t know but you definitely do not want to miss out on this.
Make some extra cash and visit places that you would have not ordinarily visited. Like for example: some restaurants, some stores, some car lots and so many more things. This is a great side profession. Let’s just think and take a moment. When is the last time someone came knocking at your door to give you the opportunity to make some extra income? Folks the time is now and you are the person that we are looking for. Register today for mystery shopping and enjoy a life that gives you freedom and money. Take a cruise on us.

Insider Tips For Mystery Shops

insider-tips-mystery-shoppingThere are several insider tips on how to get your mystery shops done quickly and accurately. The most important tip is organize and stay organized!

When you get your assignment assigned, ensure you either print out or write down the information that includes the contact person if any, telephone number, and if there are any days not allowed to shop or specific dates and times you are supposed to conduct the shop.

If you are conducting an apartment mystery shop, pay attention to if the assignment states whether this company keeps computer telephone records of previous calls since you may have to change your name, telephone number, and email address if you performed a previous shop for that apartment management company.

Using these tips can save you endless hours of work since you can have a shop denied for not meeting all the contract specifications.

Always remember to review the questions on the form before you begin your shop. I usually take the form with me in my car to review right before I conduct the shop, which helps me to remember what I need to do.

Lastly, do not forget that once you leave the mystery shop location, it is important to write down as many items as you can remember from your visit.

Being organized with the proper information and reviewing the questions necessary to perform the mystery shop will prove invaluable in accurately and quickly completing your mystery shops.