Tips for navigating mystery shopping assignments

Apartment mystery shopping can be an easy way to make extra cash, travel, and have fun! These are some tips that can help you complete a mystery shop.

  • Read the client’s shop requirements thoroughly
    • Make sure you meet and adhere to the requirements (e.g., student age for student shop, senior age for senior shop, specific timing, agent to shop, etc.)
  • Reach out for help using the white envelope on your dashboard for the shop contract when you have questions
  • Remember when you call the property, you should be in a quiet area without a lot of background noise
  • Research the property online first to see the office hours, then cross reference it with the client’s shop requirements to make sure you are following the allowable times/days
  • Research the area to see if there are multiple shops you can accomplish
    • You may can get a route bonus based on the number of shops are the area in which you select- ask your scheduler using the white envelope
  • Remember your ID! You can NOT tour without one
  • Be patient and friendly
  • Remember the deadlines- your report and all backup and required recordings should be completed and turned in no later than 24 hours after your visit unless otherwise directed by the client’s shop instructions
  • Report all follow up after the shop using your shopper dashboard. You can email [email protected] if you receive follow-up after you reported no to follow-up via the online portal.
  • Remember that shops must be completed, with reports, backup and recordings submitted and accepted before the 7th to be paid on the 22nd.

There are also some things you should avoid in order to be successful when apartment mystery shopping:

  • Do NOT ever reveal yourself as a shopper
    • If you feel that the agent knows you are a shopper please report it using the white envelope
  • Do NOT reuse the same shopper story over and over; try something new
  • Do NOT use different names for the phone call and the on-site visit UNLESS otherwise directed by the client’s shop instructions

These tips will help you to navigate apartment mystery shops. Remember, you are an integral part of the customer service experience and your feedback is valued. However, to ensure that your report is accepted and received by the customer, try these tips to increase your chances for success!