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Mystery Shopping Opportunities with Ellis Partners
Become an Independent Contractor Mystery Shopper

5 Easy Steps – only 45 minutes to get started!

1)      Fill out online application and independent contractor agreement
2)      Complete online tutorial
3)      Choose from available apartment mystery shop contracts to fit your schedule
4)      Complete shop contract, including an objective shopping report
5)      Receive the shop contract payment

Mystery shoppers are independent contractors and can sign up with a number of mystery shopping companies and then choose from available shop contracts. This means a mystery shopper decides what shop contracts they wish to complete and is paid by the mystery shopping company upon successful completion of the mystery shop contract.  Get started making a little extra cash while having fun as an independent contractor mystery shopper.

Ellis specializes in apartment mystery shopping in all 50 states nationwide for some of the largest apartment management companies in the U.S. since 1984 and have completed over 600,000 shops and counting.   Ellis uses independent contractor mystery shoppers to perform onsite Apartment shops, phone shops, internet shops and video shops on a very part-time, as available contract basis.

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What are Mystery Shopper Jobs?

A mystery shopper is someone like you who signs up as an independent contractor and “secretly” shops and evaluates products and services. This means the person or business you are evaluating does not know that you are there to observe and report on your experience.

What does an Ellis Mystery Shopper do?

Ellis independent contractor mystery shoppers pretend to be looking for an apartment. They evaluate the sales performance of the leasing staff. Our contract mystery shoppers, rather than trying to “catch” someone doing something wrong, are there to look for everything that’s being done right! Then they fill out a report on their entire experience, including any areas where opportunities for improvement were noticed! See our Mystery Shopper tips for more information.

How is shopping for my own apartment different from Mystery Shopping?

First, you don’t have to live at a community you shop! As a mystery shopper, you have to place yourself in the shoes of someone who WOULD live at the property, even if you would not, so that you can be fair when reporting on the sales associate’s performance.  Even if the apartment doesn’t suit your personal taste a shopper will ask him/herself, “Did the leasing agent do their best presentation of what they do have to offer?”

What does it take to become an independent contractor with Ellis Mystery Shopping?

Ellis Mystery Shoppers are responsible, dependable, and even more importantly, fair and unbiased. It is critical that shopping reports are accurate.  Our clients use the shopping report to determine if an agent needs additional training and to reward them for a great performance, so we want the associates to have the best opportunity for success but also to report on areas that could use some improvement.

Why should I become an Ellis Independent Contractor Mystery Shopper?

  • Ellis is the largest nationwide apartment shopping company, so we have shop contracts available in lots of locations!
  • Ellis staff members are responsive, helpful, and fair to our contract shoppers!
  • Ellis staff is readily available to assist with any shopping report questions and challenges!
  • Ellis allows you to self-select your own shop contracts, instead of waiting to be assigned!
  • Ellis shoppers receive contract shop payments once a month by direct deposit!

Am I applying for a job with Ellis when I become a Mystery Shopper?

No. Ellis Apartment Mystery Shoppers are Independent Contractors. Shoppers are not employees of Ellis (EPMS). Mystery shop contracts are available on very part-time basis. There is no guarantee of work.

How Do I Get Paid as an Ellis Apartment Mystery Shopper?

Ellis shoppers are independent contractors, and each shop contract is paid a flat fee amount which is posted with the specifications for the shop contract. For each shop contract you complete according to the specifications provided, you will be paid the shop contract fee for that shop. Ellis shoppers are paid once a month by direct deposit. See getting paid as an Ellis Contract Mystery Shopper for complete details.

Will I have help with my shop contracts if I need it?

We have many resources for our Mystery Shoppers available online once you log into your Ellis independent contractor mystery shopper account. We give you everything you need to succeed as an Ellis Mystery Shopper, including tips from mystery shoppers on successfully completing shop contracts. Plus, our staff is always available to help.

How do I sign up as an Ellis (EPMS) Mystery Shopper ?

It’s very easy!

  • Apply online.
  • Agree to the Independent Contractor Agreement.
  • Complete the online tutorial.
  • Check availability of shop contracts and assign yourself the shop contracts you want!

What is the Ellis online tutorial for shoppers?

Once you register as an Ellis Mystery Shopper, you will log into your shopper account using the email address you registered with and the password you selected when you filled out the application. You will be directed to an online tutorial with basic information about mystery shops – their purpose, tips for successfully completing shop contracts, and more information about Ellis. There are questions at the end of each section of the tutorial to help ensure your understanding. You must successfully complete the tutorial before you can begin assigning shop contracts.

How long does the Ellis online tutorial take to complete?

The entire tutorial should take less than 45 minutes, and there are questions after each section that you must answer before proceeding. You must complete the entire module at one time – you cannot stop in the middle and pick back up where you left off. You can only attempt the tutorial once in a 24-hour period.

What all does an Ellis Mystery Shop Contract entail?

Most of our Mystery Shops include a call to the community to inquire about an apartment, followed by an onsite visit to the community to evaluate the apartment, property, and leasing professional’s presentation skills. Once the shopper has conducted the actual shop, they scan and upload a business card, floor plan or other documentation with the community name and leasing professional’s name, and they fill out a report online. Check out valuable mystery shopping tips from actual Ellis Mystery Shoppers.

This is a sample shopping report form. Within 5 days of their visit to an apartment community, a shopper will typically receive follow-up from the leasing agent. They then log in to their Ellis independent contractor mystery shopper account and report the follow-up. Once Ellis has received the report, processed it, and follow-up has been reported online, the shop contract is complete.

I’m ready to sign up! How do I sign up as an independent contractor with Ellis Mystery Shopping?

Just fill out the quick and easy Ellis Mystery Shopper online application and Independent Contractor agreement and then log into your shopper account to complete the tutorial! Then you can start signing up for available shop contracts right away!

BEWARE of Email Shopping Scams!

Ellis has been made aware of an email scam regarding shop contracts for our company. Please be advised you can verify the legitimacy of ALL Ellis shop contracts that are available by logging into your Ellis shopper account or contacting us by email or phone. If you have reason to believe you have received a fraudulent email involving Ellis shop contract opportunities, please notify us immediately so we can take proper action.


Ellis contracts with individuals like you to complete over 6,000 mystery shop contracts monthly. You can get started today earning a little extra money as an independent contractor with Ellis (EPMS).


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