Mystery Shop During the Holidays So You Can Shop for Gifts

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Singing elves, presents, flying reindeer, dreidels, potato latkes, candles, lights, sappy movies, days off from work… and the list of things to love about the holidays goes on. The question is, what’s not to love about the holidays?

If you do enough holiday mystery shopping you’ll be able to buy giftsAnd the answer is easy, the part where you have to go out and spend your entire holiday bonus on stuff for other people. If you do enough holiday mystery shopping, you’ll be able to buy gifts and still have cash to spare to buy yourself a Christmas present or two.

Here are 15 great holiday gift ideas that you can buy with the money you can earn from one apartment mystery shop!

1. Movie tickets

2. Jewelry

3. Tie

4. Coffee table book

Gifts you can buy with the money you can earn from a mystery shop5. Mittens and a hat

6. Framed photograph or artwork

7. Salt and pepper shakers

8. Yummy smelling candle

9.  Personalized ornament

11. Gift card

12. Coffee mug and gourmet coffee

13. Speakers for an MP3/iPod

14. Pet toys or a collar for a pet lover

15. Cupcake tray and recipe book

16. Personalized cutting board

Think of all the things you can buy with the money you can earn from just one mystery shop. Doing a mystery shop during the holidays can be a little tricky – just pay attention to special store hours or days the location might be closed, and watch the weather.

Tell us about the gifts you’ve bought or want to buy with money you have earned from mystery shopping.

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