Welcome to the Team! – Getting Started with Mystery Shopping

If you’re looking for a simple, flexible way to make some extra money this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place! Apartment mystery shopping is a great way to supplement your income on your terms. Shop compensation is paid via direct deposit once a month. You can find shops in your area (or in any area, if you’re planning to travel) and you can choose which shops you want to complete.

Before you can start shopping, you’ll need to visit our website to apply. You’ll complete the application and then review the reference materials to help you understand how it all works. Once you’ve completed the application process and have a shopper profile established, you’ll find we have multiple helpful resources on the home page, including several instructional videos. In addition, our staff is just an email away to help walk you through the application and shopping process.

Make sure you have access to a telephone as well as a computer with an Internet connection as most apartment mystery shops require you to complete a phone call and an on-site visit followed by an online report to evaluate the service you received. If you don’t have a computer at home, check out your local library to see if there are computers available for your use. You may also want to consider creating an extra email address or two that you can use for your apartment shopping.

Once you’re ready, you can log in, enter your zip code and find shops near you to work on. When you accept the shops, you will have a follow up person assigned to the shop who is there to help you. Anytime you are not sure how to proceed or have difficulty, you can use the little white envelope to send a message to your follow-up person for help. We’re looking forward to having you join our team!