Effective Shop Schedule Planning

When you have multiple shops to complete, you will need to do some planning to get them all done on time. After all, mystery shopping is probably not the only thing you do on any given day. You can build a good reputation for yourself as a shopper with EPMS when you consistently meet your deadlines.  This will give you access to more and better shops!

Most apartment shops have a completion window of a few days. Therefore, it’s important to take note of the days and times each shop can be completed. Some can only be shopped on weekdays, some may include weekends and others may have specific days or times they are limited to. In order to make sure you compete the shops you are assigned, you should also make a note of the times the locations are open.

For shops that include a telephone call, you should begin making calls the day you are assigned the shop.  Some shops will take a couple of days of calling to reach a live person or the specific target (if one has been specified). After completing the calls, you will have a better idea of what order shops should completed based on due dates and distance. Obviously, you would want to complete the shops that have the soonest due dates first.

In the event you need more time, you can always reach out to the team at EPMS to see if it will be possible to have the shop date extended. However, keep in mind some shops are especially time sensitive and may not be eligible for due date extensions. In those cases, someone at EPMS can help with advice on how to make contact or get in touch with the client for more information.