Maximize Your Mystery Shopping Income

Nothing is more frustrating as a mystery shopper than working to complete a shop, only to find out you neglected to fulfill the terms of the contract and your shop will be cancelled without pay! In this blog, we’ll discuss 3 ways you can help ensure an acceptable shop completion to earn the maximum pay.

1. Ensure You Speak to the Right Leasing Agent

Many apartment mystery shops require a specific person to be shopped. This person should be shopped both on the telephone and during the on-site visit. Once you’ve reached the target person on the telephone, you’ll need to schedule an on-site visit with that person. If, during the call, they let you know you’ll be meeting with someone else when you arrive, wait and call back a little later to let them know something has come up and you need to reschedule. Then ask when they are available and mention you’d prefer to meet with them anyway since you’ve already spoken to them.

If you end up reaching the target person and schedule the visit for a different day, don’t forget to call ahead briefly on the day of the visit to confirm they are in the office before you go. If you arrive an find out they are out to lunch or are otherwise occupied, offer to wait. If you find out they left early or someone else insists to help despite your offer to wait, go ahead with the other person and then note in the shop report that you were passed off on-site. You will want to score the on-site portion of the visit for the person who gave the on-site presentation.

2. Obtain a Business Card

You must obtain a business card to submit online as proof of completing the shop as well as assessing the right leasing agent. If the agent does not have their own business card, ask them to write their name on another agent’s card or other apartment collateral. You can say you want to keep track of who you spoke with in case you have any questions later. This will ensure you have something to upload in the “backup documents” portion of the shop report.

If you are not able to obtain any physical documentation because the agent has nothing available, be sure to reach out to EPMS to detail what you were told.

3. Listen More than Talk

The main purpose of the mystery shop is to allow the client to assess the leasing agent’s sales performance, so it’s vital to allow them to lead the process. Although you will want to offer a pleasant demeanor, avoid leading the call or presentation as this could cause your shop to be invalid. When you call, let them know you’re looking for an apartment and then let them take it from there. They should ask you for the apartment size, budget, move-in date, etc. The agent should provide you with details about the apartment and/or community, so be sure to allow them to give their presentation without interrupting. Remember, your job is to provide a blank canvas to allow them to display their sales skill!

Anytime you are uncertain about a specification on a shop or have other questions about how to proceed, be sure to reach out to EPMS for clarification. You can use the envelope icon on your shop to follow-up with your assigned EPMS team member. In cases where you require an immediate answer, you can always call the office.