Make Your Own Luck

Many beginner shoppers underestimate the importance of verifying their target employee will be in the office before making the trip to the community and this can result in having to make an additional trip. Don’t leave it up to chance; make your own luck!

Shoppers often schedule an appointment with the target and assume they will be in the office at the appointment time, but this is not always the case. Sometimes a target agent is out sick or had to leave early because of an emergency. Instead of risking wasting time and gas, be sure to call your target to confirm they are in the office on the day of the visit.

Occasionally, you may call and confirm the target is there on the day of your visit only to arrive and find they left after your call or they are otherwise occupied. You should offer to wait for your target if they are in the office, but not available when you arrive, but sometimes someone else insists on helping in their place. Most of the time, you can shop someone else in these instances, but you should always review the special instructions for the shop to look out for any special cases.

Anytime you arrive without calling ahead the same day and find your target is not available, you are required to revisit on another day. In these cases, if you end up shopping someone else, the shop may be cancelled without pay! You should make it common practice to always call ahead on the day of your visit to save yourself time and gas.