Completing Reports Efficiently

13After completing an apartment mystery shop, you must take the time to complete the online report. Online reports are typically due within 24 hours after the shop has been completed. Once the report is submitted, you must pay attention to your phone calls, voicemails and emails to note any follow-up received from the leasing agent you evaluated during the mystery shop. I will share four steps I use to make sure I complete every portion of the online report thoroughly.

Step 1: Secure and Review Your Notes and Documents

By having all your notes and documents in one place, you will be able to complete the shop faster because you will not have to stop and look for answers as you come to those questions. Also, put your notes in the same order as the sections of the report so you can complete each section easily, once started.

Step 2: Take Photos and Upload Any Documents

Take photos and upload documents first. This will ensure you do not lose the documents before you can show proof that you completed the shop. Do not forget to name the files appropriately so your shop report editor will know what each document is and which apartment property they are for.

Step 3: Explain Any ‘No’ Answers

Make sure you explain ‘no’ answers to any of the questions. This helps the editor understand what you experienced during the shop and supports your opinion.

Overall, the goal is to complete your online apartment report accurately and on time. Late submissions can deter the company from assigning you more shops. The apartment reports are easy to complete if you have all of your notes and documents. Choose to follow the above steps and you will have nothing to worry about!