3 Tips for Target Shops

13A target shop is when a specific person is designated for you to shop to assess his or her apartment needs investigation and demonstration skills over the phone and onsite. These shops can be fun!

Tip One – Start Calling As Soon As Possible

The first step is getting your target agent on the phone. This can take a little time as you are usually not aware of their working schedule ahead of time.

Tip Two – Think of 3-4 Excuses to End a Phone Call Ahead of Time

You will likely reach your target agent after having made several calls to the apartment community. You will need to make excuses to end phone calls where you do not reach the target as you should only complete the full phone assessment with your target agent. Some suggested excuses:

* Act as if a current resident, asking for office hours.

* Think of a name of another apartment complex and apologize, stating you meant to call the other complex.

Tip Three – Reach out to EPMS for Help

If you have tried to reach your target agent for 2-3 days, including 3-5 calls per day with no success, send EPMS a message through the ‘update’ link located within the assigned apartment shop information area online. They will be able to direct you on next steps so that you can complete the shop on time. Overall, target agent shops can take a little more effort so focus on making it a game. There is rarely a time where you will not reach your target agent, so just keep calling until you do!