What to Expect on a First Video Shop


Of the three types of shops, video shops can be one of the easier shops to complete for some. However, these are one of the more difficult types of shop to obtain as they go quickly. Once you are assigned a video shop, you will be asked for your mailing address and EPMS will send you the shirt and camera to complete the shop. While you are waiting for the equipment to arrive, you will want to read through the details of the shop as you would any other shop.


You will likely have to complete the recorded phone call portion. You will also have to upload a test video, basically to show that you know how to adjust the shirt and camera to the right angle for the shop.Video shops are fun because they are easy.  The hardest part about shops is remembering the details, but video shops record all of the details needed to complete the report. With that said, it is still important to pay close attention during the shop, as you do not want to rely solely on the camera. The camera could run out of battery, stop recording or malfunction during the middle of the shop. The likelihood of this happening is small, yet you want to make sure you are prepared.

Once you have completed the shop, you will simply mail everything back to EPMS in the pre-paid postage envelope included in the original box; that’s it! Remember, do a great first shop and you will be assigned more video shops as they are available.