Mystery Shopping When Visiting Family and Friends!

Visiting Family & FriendsMystery shopping does not need to be limited to only your local area. Many mystery shopping companies, including EPMS, have shops in many states all across the United States.  I always aim to complete at least one shop while I am out of town, especially if I will be there for at least a couple of days and have a rental car to use.

This also allows you to be more real in your shops, as you would be out of town looking for a new home, potentially.  Remember to make note of the zip codes around where you will be staying as you will use these to do a search on the main EPMS website to see what shops are in that area.

Once you have the zip codes, within the area you are comfortable driving and completing mystery shops, log on to the EPMS site.  There will be an area under available shops where you can enter the zip code to refine your search.   Browse the refined list of shops for the zip codes you entered into the EPMS available shops area of the website.  Select the shops that work within your time frame and are within driving distance to you.  Remember to request shops within enough time to complete them, especially if you have ‘target’ agents.  This will ensure you have enough time to complete the call and the onsite visit.

Side note: Your report is usually due within 24 hours of completing the shop. Make sure to plan enough time to enter the shop information as well. You do not want to submit a late shop.

Again, it is a great idea to complete shops while you are traveling, I have done this many times, and it is such a great way to make some extra money.