Overcoming Common Shop Obstacles


There are many reasons why shop completion can be delayed. Four common scenarios are listed below along with advice for what to do if they arise.

When the call is constantly going to voicemail

Most apartment shops include calling the apartment complex prior to completing the onsite visit. There may be times when you call a complex and you will be repeatedly directed to voicemail. It is recommended to call without leaving a message at least five (5) times before you leave a message.

It may be recommended to reach out to the EPMS staff through your shop page to update them on this issue prior to leaving a message. The staff member will typically email you next steps to follow to move through the shop. If directed to leave your name and number, make sure to leave the correct number, even if you use a fake name.

When messages are not being returned

First, contact EPMS through your shop’s page to update them and let them know this is happening. Typically, an EPMS staff member will send an email to you directing you one what to do next. If you continue to call while waiting for the EPMS staff member to email you next steps, you are usually able to get a leasing agent on the phone.

When the wrong agent answers the phone

Instead of hanging up, you should ask the person who answers the phone something general. This could be asking for office hours or address and location. For example, when I am looking for a target agent and another leasing agent picks up the phone, I would choose a street that is familiar yet not near the actual apartment complex. I would then ask the person if they are near (insert street name).  They would say no then usually thank you before hanging up. If the agent tries to start the leasing conversation with you, simply say that you already live there. This usually stops them from asking additional probing questions about your interest in leasing. Of course, this response works best when you are asking about office hours or gym close time.

When you arrive onsite and your target agent is not there

If you arrive onsite and your target agent is not there, ask the person who greets you if this person will be back and when. If they respond that the target agent went to lunch and would not be back for an hour or two, you can typically go ahead and shop with whomever greets you. If the person would be back in less than an hour, just say that you can wait for this person as you would like to finish the conversation with the agent who started it with you. This usually works well to stop even a pushy agent from trying to help you through the process.