Target Agent Is Not There?

Target Agent Is Not ThereWhen you accept your mystery shopping assignment with Ellis Mystery Shopping Company you have to complete part of the assignment from home before you even go on site. Such as simply reading the instructions.  For example, you need to make sure you don’t know anyone working at the community.

You definitely don’t want to complete a shop and a have conflict of interest.  Especially one that can be avoided by looking at all of the shop details including who the target agent may be.

Next, you might have to map out the shop and make sure the amount you will be paid would be worth the trip. Keep in mind you might have other shops to do from other mystery shopping companies and you need to be mindful of the time you will be at the apartment shop. Most shops require you make the telephone call, so call and get your target. Once you have done that you are ready to visit on site. Take your notebook and gas up the car!

When you get there and it seems your target agent is not around, take a look and see if you see the golf carts in the front of the leasing office. Afterwards see the sign in the door and see if it says closed or open. If you see another phone number, like a local number listed, call it and see if you can get someone to answer. If none of these options work, then see if you see a resident and ask if they know where the target agent might be at the moment.

Lastly, if you have waited for over thirty minutes you should take a photo of the sign and then leave. Once you are back at your work area then write an email to Ellis Mystery shopping. Detail what steps you took to see where the target agent was at that time of day. Wait for a response, but know that you tried your best when you went there to do your assignment.