Hard Time Reaching A Target?

Mann, Kopf auf Hand gestütztNormally, a mystery shop provides a specific person to be shopped and sometimes, you just can not seem to connect with that person on the telephone call.  So, what can you do when the specific target employee does not answer the telephone?

Most companies do not like you to just hang up on each call you make since that can draw suspicion.  Hanging up three to five times a day can trigger an employee to suspect that something is wrong or worse yet, an employee might think a mystery shopper is involved!

One of the first things to do is dial *67 on each call to prevent your number from showing up on the other caller’s line.  Several inconspicuous tips on calling include asking the answering caller if this is so and so business (but remember to prepare to have a business name handy).  An occasional hang-up may be sufficient once or twice, but check the website’s instructions since some companies do not allow any hang-ups.  Another tip, is when you call and the wrong target answers the telephone, you can act as though you can not hear the person due to the static on the telephone and state that you will have to call them back.

Normally, after six to ten calls, most mystery shopping companies allow you to ask for a target by name.  So if you are already at the sixth call and still have not reached your target, ask your customer service representative if you can ask for the employee’s name.  Getting an approval with customer service on when you can ask for a specific name can prevent unnecessary time calling someone who may not be working there or can not be reached quickly.