Prepare For Your Mystery Shop.

How to Prepare for a shopTo have a successful shop, you must be prepared for the shop by knowing all of the details necessary to complete the mystery shop.

I have listed the most important steps to preparing for a successful shop below.

Step 1: Check the EPMS website for all required information (log in required)

When you log into the EPMS website, read through all of the tabs under your assigned shops. Each shop will have its own information and details for you to review.  Remember, although some of the information may seem the same, still read through it as you do not know what information may be updated or different.

 Step 2: Check the Special Notes

Make sure you take note of the person’s name if you are assigned a ‘target’ shop. This is a shop where you are assigned a specific person to shop.  Check to make sure there are no specific times to call or not call.  Always keep the EPMS staff updated, if you are not able to reach your target within a couple of days.  If you are assigned a shop where you can shop ‘anyone’ then simply read the instructions, make the phone call and perform the onsite mystery shop.

 Step 3: Get familiar with the Property

Take about five minutes to look at the apartment community’s website. Look at the floor plans, price ranges, and location.  This is to ensure you sound natural and comfortable during your call with the agent.  Now, you are ready to complete your next shop. Due to the above steps, you will be on the high list to be approved for more mystery shops.