Do Not Cancel If You Cannot Reach Your Target!

Do Not Cancel a Shop Because of TargetThere are times when you may be assigned a target to shop. What is a target shop? It is when you are assigned a person you must reach in order to complete the shop properly and be paid. Target shops can be a bit tricky but with some know how you can get your target when needed.

First of all, make sure when you call you use a blocking feature such as *67. This way your number does not show. Besides a need for privacy you may be calling the place a few times to reach your required person. You would not want someone on the other end noticing you had called at various times during the day. That would certainly raise a red flag to say you are a shopper.

Secondly, if you cannot reach your target then you must contact Ellis Mystery Shoppers Once at the page go to Contact and there you can send an email saying you have tried but you have not reached your contact. Most likely someone will get back to you and let you know if can move ahead with another contact or that the contact is there and you can try again.

Lastly, don’t cancel the shop because of frustration. It may be hard to reach the person but with a little help you can get your target. The staff members at Ellis would be able to advise you on different times to call and even tell you if you reach the person on a certain day.