How To Assign Shops.

How to Assign ShopsConducting an apartment shops for Ellis Mystery Shopping Company requires a series of steps. Following these steps help you to be a better shopper. Not to mention you will be able to accurately file your report.

First of all, in order to complete shops you will have to sign up on the mystery shopping board as a shopper. You will need a valid email. This email should be one you can check with ease. Once you have this sign on and then choose a password. Afterward you are ready to shop.

To get shops, you can either check your email to see if you are offered a shop or you can log in to the website. To get shops from the website log in. Once there, you can select shops by your current location you may want. Then you select the shop you want it will be part of your to do shops and you can update the status of the shop as you complete the steps.

Furthermore, the guidelines are part of the shop and you will see the telephone number and the target if there is one on the page. Look at the different areas of the site to familiarize you with webpage layout. The information there will also tell you the type of property you are shopping.

Lastly there are color-coded marks to guide you to the type of shop. For instance blue means a regular shop where you shop without equipment. Next there are shops for recording with audio equipment and then there is video. Simply click the balloon next to the area on the map and you can see the type of shop.

So look and review these pointers and you will be on your way to knowing how to be a better mystery shopper.