Shop Extension, Please?

Extension PleaseIn a perfect world, there are no deadlines or requests for work extensions, but until the mystery shopping utopia world comes to fruition, shoppers will, on occasion, need to request an extension to finalize a shop.

Life in the workplace does not always go as plan, and occasionally you have to request an extension date to complete a mystery shopping job. Most customer service representatives will accommodate at least one extension to complete a job if you have a valid reason. Most mystery shopping companies want a fast turn around time on their shops and also want their jobs done within the same month that they were released from their website or representative.

However, unavoidable situations can occur and valid reasons for an extension can range from inability to contact the targeted employee, a minor emergency, or miscommunication between the shopper or customer service representative. If you want your customer service representatives to always think of you when assigning shops, then completing your assignments on time and submitting an error-free report will associate your work as a positive shopper who gets their work done.

But if a situation occurs, and it will, ensure when you request an extension, carefully, and politely explain your reasons for a short extension to complete an assignment to your customer service representative. Most of the time, you should not have a problem obtaining an extension to complete your assignment. If you do not get an extension granted, do not become discouraged or upset with your customer service representative. Make sure you keep your communication friendly with your representative at all times and just move forward in requesting new jobs to keep you busy.