Why Mystery Shopping Is Important!

Why  Mystery Shopping is ImportantMystery shopping is not simply a side job or a hobby. It is making an impact within companies around the world.

You, as a valued mystery shopper is providing invaluable feedback, from a customer’s perspective to the head of company departments that can do something about and with your feedback. This is golden. Why?

We have all been customers and purchased products from companies that we wish would create a better customer experience.

Mystery shopping gives you an opportunity give your insights to those very people. Because, face it, sharing your concerns with customer service may only go so far.

From a company’s perspective, your feedback and input is invaluable. It helps them to develop plans to make their product and service better. They could sit in meetings and guess about what you need, what the problems are and how to fix them yet getting information from the ground floor helps to speed this process along.

With this said, as you are completing your mystery shops, you have a grave responsibility to offer the most unbiased feedback based on your experience with the staff. You should always assume the best versus the worst.

Another key is giving the person you are shopping the best opportunity to follow their company’s protocols and how they have been trained to sell or offer the service or product.

Overall, decide to be the observer of a perfectly trained agent or employee at work. Remember to give them room to do what they are trained to do. You just stay calm and natural. You’ve got this!