How to Be a Great Mystery Shopper.

How to Be a Great Mystery ShopperIt is a new year and many have the goal of being the best.  Some want to be the best at everything,  so why not aim to be the best mystery shopper as well.

In order for you to do this, there are five core principles you must follow in order to be a great mystery shopper.


Know the Shop Details
It is extremely important to read through all of your accepted shop details prior to the shop. It would also be a smart idea to check for updates on the day of the shop.Knowing the details of the shop will allow you to be more comfortable in your role while completing the shop.If it is your first shop or first few, it will feel a bit awkward yet trust you will get used to this process. Remember that many of the shops are actual places that you would shop or frequent in real life.

Complete the Shop on Time
There is nothing worse than completely a shop late. This causes issues not only for the mystery shopping company yet any deadlines the company who hired the mystery shopping company has set to incorporate improvements.Remember to mark your calendar once you apply for and accept a shop.Now, if an emergency arises, this is out of your control, just be sure to let your mystery shopping company know ASAP so that they can find someone to cover your spot and keep the deadline.

Submit a Thoughtful and Detailed Report
This is core of a great mystery shopper.

Stay a Secret/Mystery
You have been a customer most of your life. This is nothing new.As a child, you along with your parents were the customer of a daycare or school. As an adult, you are the customer of grocery stores, movie theatres, malls, apartment complexes, and many more businesses.The only difference is that you are paying closer attention to their customer service process or whatever you are assigned to assess to provide feedback to the company.Focus on the fact that you get to provide invaluable insight to a company that actually wants to improve their customer service rather than if you can remember all of the small details.Remember to follow the first core, which is to review and know the shop details. This will allow you to know exactly what you do and do not need to focus on to complete the shop.

Accept More Mystery Shops
The more mystery shops you accept, the more the mystery company will get to know you and your ability to complete successful shops.

Overall, if you follow these 5 core principles, you will be an in demand mystery shopper.