How to Keep Your Mystery Shopping Momentum.

How to keep Your Mystery Shopping MomentumYou have started off of the year strong. You have probably completed a couple of mystery shops and gotten really excited.

Now you see yourself slowing down because you are getting busy with life things. The kids are back in school, the weather has been crazy, and you have projects piling up at work. To say the least, time is slim.

Here are a couple of ways you may be able to keep up  your mystery shopping momentum


Decide How Many Shops You Want to Complete
Take some time to decide how many mystery shops you can complete each week or month. That is all. This number may change from month to month yet you will know early on how many shops you can truly complete.

Sign up for automatic notification
Many mystery shopping companies have an email list. Make sure you are on the list so that you can be notifications.
This way you do not have to remember to check the mystery shopping company’s website to see what shops they have available.

What’s better is that many of the mystery shopping companies will include the shops in your area in the actual e-mail.

Mark Your Calendar
Once you see a shop that you want. Apply for it. After you apply for the shop and receive your acceptance for the shop then put the date on your calendar immediately.

This will ensure you do not complete the shop late or worse, completely forget about it.

If you are a techie person, add the mystery shop date to your Google calendar, outlook calendar or cellphone calendar.

These are two easy, set it and forget it ways to keep your mystery shopping momentum. We make time for whatever we truly want to do.