Good Credit Score?

okAre you someone who has good to excellent credit score? If so, then do not overlook those credit mystery shopping jobs since they offer higher payments amounts for those shoppers who have very good to excellent FICO scores, and if you do mind having a store run your creditability.

Most of these types of shops ask that you apply for a store credit card and will require that particular shop to run your FICO score.

If you do not mind having someone run a credit check and check your credit score, then most mystery shops can pay over $100 for a simple 20-minute visit. In addition to getting paid to do this mystery shopping job, you also obtain a store credit card too.  So, if you were already planning to apply for a store credit card or do not mind someone running your FICO score, then these shops might work to your advantage.

Most of these credit card shops that command a higher shopper payment are conducted at stores where a shopper pretends to purchase or apply for a home loan, a car, line of credit, or just apply for a store credit card.  Most consumer credit bureaus state that having someone run a credit check once every six month does not affect your overall credit score.

So if you were planning on obtaining a store credit card anyways or do not mind an occasional credit check to earn higher amounts of quick cash, then these are great shops to earn fast and higher amounts of money.