How To Prep For Your First Mystery Shop

How to Prep for First Mystery ShopThe goal of completing your very first mystery shop is two-fold.  You need to actually complete the shop and then you need to be able to get more mystery shops!   Your very first shop is key to learning the ropes and moving forward to becoming an expert mystery shopper.  Here are a few tips to help you along the way in completing your very first mystery shop.

Read Everything. The mystery shopping company you are working for will post documents to help you along the way with completing the shop.  You can find almost everything online or printed somewhere.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions does not show a weakness but that you did your homework. A rule of thumb would be to send a several questions at one time versus one question per email. I know this should go without saying yet it has happened several times.

Release the need to be perfect. You may or may not complete the perfect shop the first time around. That is ok. It really is,  just know what you absolutely need to remember to complete the shop and go from there.

Get it done. This is your first shop. You may forget something, you may not. Either way, you will survive.
Do not be discouraged. You can always ask questions. Read the documents posted about the actual mystery shop and any additional information about being a mystery shop, in general, is available as well.

Great, hopefully you are excited to prep for your first shop. It will get easier yet you must start somewhere.

Remember that you can always reach out to the mystery shopping staff with questions. Just make sure to do your homework and read all of the documents beforehand to show that you have put in your due diligence as well.