How To Schedule Your Mystery Shops

How to Schedule Your Mystery ShopsThe best way to schedule your mystery shops is around your extra free time. No brainer, right?  Yet I get asked this question from my friends or family who I suggest should do mystery shopping. They always seem to ask me, when do you have the time?

As with anything in life, you make the time. First step is to look at your calendar or planner. Determine when you have some free time, this includes when you watch TV. Then determine how many shops you want to complete during this time.
You can make this fun by choosing shops that involve food or exploring new apartment layouts to give you ideas for your next dream home.

From there, apply for the shops that you want, as soon as they are released. For two reasons, one is that they may be taken by someone else, if you do not send in a request and the other reason is that you want to get the best time and date that works with your schedule.

Consider choosing shops near each other, if you choose to do more than one shop within the same day. This allows you to use your gas and time effectively.

Many companies will offer route shops, if you ask for them. Another alternative would be for you to simply open google maps and pinpoint the locations of your desired shops. This allows you to create your own route with the shops to ensure you are not doing any unnecessary back and forth throughout the day.

To summarize, check your calendar or planner to determine your free time, choose mystery shops that fit within those dates and times, request those shops, and create a route.