How to Communicate With Mystery Shop Support

How to Communicate with Shop Support!A successful shop takes team work. If you choose a good mystery shopping company, they will have live and active support. You only simply have to reach out for it, when needed.

When you are reaching out for shop support, there are three components that should be addressed so that you can get the most beneficial and quick answer to your question or problem addressed.

Component One- Know what the problem or issue

Be able to roughly describe the problem or issue in a concise manner. More than likely you will be communicating with the mystery shopping company through e-mail. This allows for their team to read and respond appropriately and quickly.

Issues can include: Not able to get in touch with target agent on an apartment shop after multiple attempts or

Component Two- Determine best way to communicate issue or problem for fastest response

More than likely, you will be communicating with the mystery shopping company team through e-mail. This allows you to receive a quicker answer and for the staff to streamline support. Most reputable mystery shopping companies will have an area on their website or dashboard listing the proper e-mail addresses to reach out to for shop support. Make everyone’s life easier and use that one. If you send an e-mail to [email protected], it more than likely will not be answered quickly.

Bonus tip: Use the subject line to clearly state the issue.

Component Three- Be Patient

You do not need to send multiple e-mails to more than one team member to get a response. Wouldn’t that be annoying? On that note, if the problem or issue is urgent, state this in the subject line and body of the e-mail to the support team.

Overall, the best way to communicate and receive a response is to be concise, stating the most important facts such as shop number, 1-2 sentences about the issue or problem, if applicable, state what you have done prior to reaching out for help and if it the issue is urgent or not. From there, a support staff member will reach out with the appropriate next steps.