Get More Shops!

Get More Shops!Once you begin mystery shopping for various companies, many mystery shopping sites monitor your timeliness and accuracy of your reports.

Being accurate and timely submitting your shops on time can make a difference on whether you receive more shops. If you want more shops, ensure that you always double check your work for accuracy, use spell check, and review your sentences for any grammatical errors.


If you need extra time to complete a shop, always notify the scheduler before your deadline date to ensure you keep your shop and obtain your extension. Further, this helps to provide a positive memory and feedback on your final submission of your report. Schedulers will usually withhold shops for those shoppers who do not finish their report on time or if you did not notify them for an extension before your deadline.

Always remember to communicate regularly with your scheduler or just send a simple email to prove that you are working diligently on your assignments. This regular communication with your scheduler helps you to obtain further shops. If a staff person contacts you on any corrections, ensure that you correct the report and resubmit it quickly. Also, ensure you note any changes that the staff person from the mystery shopping company wants done on all future reports so that way, all future submissions will always be correct.

When you do many reports from various companies, it is easy to not remember a new change that was requested from a staff person, so ensure you note any changes on your reports on your computer or notebook. If you respond quickly to any questions and submit those reports timely and accurately, schedulers will always remember to offer you numerous shops.