Dress For The Shop.

Dress For The ShopYou always hear to Dress for the Occasion and this also applies to mystery shops. You do not want to stand out if you are a mystery shopper and always should keep a low profile about your visit to not arise suspicion that you are a shopper.

If you are assigned to visit an apartment, a shopper will usually dress in a casual to working type clothing.  However, if you are assigned to visit a high-end dealership, dressing in a nicer outfit will work better to your advantage.

Further, if you do not have an expensive car, parking down the street always helps to create the illusion of a high-end buyer. As always, you want to represent a reputable consumer who wants to rent an apartment, buy a car, visit a restaurant, or whatever shop you are assigned.

You need to remember that you were hired for a company to evaluate their employee’s performance on how well they would treat their prospective customers, and projecting a positive image both physically in attire and mentally help to quickly get the answers you need as a shopper. Showing up in curlers and jogging outfits usually do not work with these shops and can work to your disadvantage since the client may not take you serious in your endeavor. This could result in employee’s not willing to devote their best presentation on selling a product and cause you to not obtain complete answers for your visit.

Most shops do not allow you to take your children with you, but occasionally some shops allow you to take them to a shop, but in all cases, you should check with your scheduler if there is any doubt. You want to ensure that in all cases you dress for success, know the standard dress code for your particular shop, and conduct the shop in a professional manner.