I Didn’t Get Paid! Now What?

I didn't get paid! Now WhatIf you work as an independent contractor you will eventually encounter an issue with not getting paid. This is important for you to know when you go into mystery shopping. If your shop report was not rejected, payment should be made to you. The first thing you need to check on when you are missing your payment  is when the company usually pays.

If you have not worked for them before it is important to check their website for the standard payment time frame. Some companies pay the month following the shop, while others pay two months after the shop has been accepted. If you have worked for the company before and are familiar with the pay schedule, and still were not paid, it is still a good idea to check the company’s official payment policy.

Once you determine per the company’s policy that you should have already received payment, go to the company website and find the contact email address for payment issues. This will usually be listed in a company’s FAQ section or tab. Send a professional emailing with all the necessary information in it stating you were not paid. The necessary information will include all shop details such as the full location description. This will have the location name, store number, physical address, and usually a telephone number. It is best if you can copy the entire information block from your shop listing on your job board. That way everything is included. You also want to include a shop ID number if there is one, the payment amount broken down into shop pay and reimbursement, and, very importantly, the shop completion date. The email will usually sound something like this:

I am inquiring about payment for the following shop which was completed on 6/15/15:
Business Name (#0987)123 Main St. Some City, State Zip
As of today’s date, I have not received payment. Can you please advise when payment is to be expected? Thanks for your time.

Most companies handle numerous accounts, shoppers, clients, etc. Errors do happen, and they cannot rectify the situation unless you make them aware.  Most companies respond promptly to missed payments and handle your issue immediately. Everyone understands holding up someone’s money can put that person into a bad situation. However, if the company gives you the run around and strings you along, it is recommended you cease and desist from conducting shops for them until the matter is resolved. Even if the matter is resolved, if you do not like the manner in which it was resolved, it is recommended you no longer do business with them. No one likes to work for free, and your time is valuable. Simply find other companies to work for that compensate you as promised.