Talk For Money!

Talk for MoneyDo you love to talk on the telephone and earn extra cash at the same time!?

Some people just love talking to people and mystery shops pay for people to chat on the telephone.


Many mystery shops offer telephone shops where you can conveniently stay home, simply dial a number, ask a person several questions, and just record their answers.

These shops pay anywhere from $5 to $15 a call and the best tip is that when you sign up for these telephone jobs during the middle to the end of the month, many companies might pay bonuses to get these jobs done. So you sometimes can make an additional $5 bonus, and if you only make three telephone calls, you can make almost $50 for talking to only a couple of people!

The calls only take about 15 minutes and the total process should not take more than an hour or so. These telephone numbers are toll free so you do not have to pay for these calls since the company pays for them. After the recorded call is made, the company would require you to submit an on-line questionnaire where you answer certain questions based on the call and, in some cases, one might need to write a small summary of the call.

Most telephone calls can be made anytime during regular business hours and generally only takes several minutes. You can make these telephone calls while your children are at school, or outside playing, or whenever you have free time. This is an easy, inexpensive way to make extra cash since just about everyone has a telephone, and there is no charge to the shopper to call any telephone number. So pick up the telephone, make several calls, and get paid to talk!