Fight Weekend Boredom with Mystery Shopping

Weekend BoredomNothing seems interesting on TV except endless reruns of the same shows from last season and you called all your friends, and no one is home.


It is one of those days where you have some alone time, but nothing seems like fun and the thought of cleaning the house sounds as pleasant as scrubbing the toilet. In these types of situations, experts advise that when you are not motivated into doing anything, then breaking up your time into small intervals of time can get you interested into accomplishing something for the day.

If you can think of spending just 15 minutes of your day on how to earn some extra cash, then log onto the computer and search for some mystery shopping websites for available jobs. Mystery shopping websites are easy to navigate and you can simply log on to the Shoppers login page, sign up, and within a few minutes, a list of numerous job opportunities is available for you to assign to yourself.

The sign-up process can take as little as fifteen minutes and you can sign up for numerous jobs for the week. The best part of mystery shopping jobs is that they only take a couple of hours to perform and are very flexible with an individual’s schedule. Most jobs can be done throughout the week and generally, within 30 days, you can get a paycheck for a couple hours of work.

So, when those days come and there seems like there is nothing to do, a great motivation for people is to mediate on the word “money” since that idea creates a huge incentive for most people. Just spending 15 minutes or more of your time registering for mystery shopping jobs can motivate your day into a stimulating productive day with thoughts of how you are going to spend that extra hundred dollars or more.