Why You Are a Mystery Shopper

Why you are a mystery shopperA relative asked me why I became a mystery shopper. I thought for a moment and told her that it was fun and I really enjoyed making sure people had nice customer service experiences.

Not to mention, I added the person I shopped would receive an unbiased opinion on how they performed their job.

Since that first answer, I have elaborated my reply to others who ask the question why. Hopefully, my answers will help you to satisfy those who are inquisitive about being a mystery shopper. Remember though, never tell anyone the company you work for, as that is something you promised you would not do – check your confidentiality agreement.

That said, here are a few reasons I am a mystery shopper: I am able to keep my pay up to $600.00 tax-free. Yes I don’t pay taxes on the first six hundred dollars I make. I am able, with the help of a good accountant, to get my expenses reduced. I am able to write off part of my Internet bill and even the time I use my car getting to and from assignments. As a 1099 worker I am responsible for my own taxes and I try to make full use of my position.

I am flexible and I can work when I want. I am not on anyone’s set schedule. Yes, sometimes I work long hours. Sometimes I even work overtime, and I even have to give up my weekends or evenings. But overall I do have more time for myself than if I worked a 9-5 job. I am able to spend time with my family and my friends.

Furthermore, I am able to put aside the money I make on the side to buy things for my family and myself. I have learned to budget my money and get shops that fit my lifestyle. For instance, I have shopped apartments to get great decoration tips, and I have shopped gas stations for some free gas.

In other words I shop things I can use in my life. I make a difference in many ways!