4 Tips For A Successful Mystery Shop

4 Tips for a  Mystery ShopI’ve been a mystery shopper for over 10 years and I would love to share my success tips with you.

1. Choose your shops based on your schedule.
Take a look at your schedule to note the times you’re available. From there, check the databases of the mystery shop companies that you contract with to choose shops that fit your availability.

2. Don’t assume all shops are the same.
Take the time to review the details of your current shop. Many parties are depending on us to get the facts and report them correctly. Each shop may have a different set of criteria or information needed to be collected and evaluated.

3. Print shop instructions and review prior to the shop. It’s best to print the shop notes, instruction and forms as close as possible to the time you plan to complete the shop. This allows for any updates from the mystery shopping company.

Don’t forget to grab business cards, snap a photo, and keep receipts, if needed.

4. On Time Submission. Make sure to plan time during the same day to enter your findings and submit your completed report before the deadline. This removes one thing from your “to do” list and allows the mystery shopping company to review, edit, and submit the report to the proper people.

These four steps will ensure you complete your first or next mystery shop successfully.