It’s Back to School Time!

It is almost back to school timeThe calendar is showing late summer and parents around the country are getting their children ready for fall and the start of a new school term. The list of school items to buy are on their minds.

Most parents hope to get all the shopping done before the first day of school. Some parents are also watching for the tax-free date most states have to help people with shopping. Yes, it would be great to also have some money to spare for things that will pop up. Once you have your list in hand get ready to shop and make money.

Mystery shopping or secret shopping can help you even if all you shop are apartments. For example, you probably know there are other shops available to the seasoned shopper. If your scheduler knows you are consistent and reliable then you can email and ask for more apartment shops. It never hurts to just ask.

In addition, there are mystery-shopping companies that pay you to shop the bigger office supply stores. If you don’t know how to find these then go to the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) website: – create an account and do a search for the companies that routinely need shoppers for supply stores.

Another way to find jobs is to actually search your local craigslist. Sometimes mystery shopping companies put jobs in the classified section of the craigslist ads. Again be careful where you find the jobs, as in anything be aware. Another place to check are online blogs where people chat about mystery shopping that way you can find companies that have already been tested by other shoppers.

It would be better that you find these companies as soon as you can. You will need to fill in your information beforehand, but remember the more companies you get the more jobs you can have. Once you line up some other companies you will see you can have the extra money you need to get you through the start of the school year.
Being a shopper this time of year can be fun and profitable.