Undercover Mystery Shops

Do You like Undercover WorkThere are numerous mystery shopping jobs available to make extra cash each month on a part-time basis and there are some that involve working like an undercover person. Technology has become instrumental with mystery shopping jobs and video shopping is one of the latest innovative advancements in mystery shopping that earns much more money than regular mystery shops!

Shops that offer video shopping often include video tapping the shopping site and recording the conversation of the employee. These shops are secret video taping and the company will send you all the video equipment you need to secretly tape and record an evaluation of their employee. Once you sign up for these types of video shops, the mystery shopping website video department will mail out the equipment necessary to perform these types of jobs.

The video equipment is easy to use and is often attached and concealed under your shirt.  The video recorder is similar to a regular tape recorder, but the equipment is a tiny video recorder that is attached behind the shirt you wear and it records the entire conversation and films your interaction with your target shop’s employee.

The demand for video tapping has increased since more employers are interested in how to improve their business.  Some people enjoy participating in undercover work or just like the mystery of learning how to use and operate video equipment.  The best part of these shops are that they generally pay a higher price of a regular shop and often a shopper can ask for a higher cost to perform these shops.