Legit Mystery Shopping Jobs

shopper-scamFinding legitimate mystery shopping work does require some work to obtain. There are so many scams today, and there are so many people willing to use different means to get a hold of your personal information that you must be aware. Be careful who you give your time, information, and money to in this business. Here are some tips and keep these in mind when checking a company:

First of all, you should never send money to a mystery shopping company in order to start work with the company. If any person or company asks for money up front then this could be a scam.

Secondly, doing a simple Google search may not yield the best results at first. You might have to sift through the list of companies and see which one would fit your requirements. Your first search should be with local mystery shopping companies because you would be able to know if they were legitimate just by their local telephone number and address. A simple telephone call would help you determine if the company has a true address or a post office box.

Lastly, when a mystery shopping company asks you to deposit money into someone else’s account then that too is a scam. Any time money is a concern you need to take care and look carefully at the company you are working for and with. Most companies do not ask for large sums of money.

Remember: Most mystery shopping companies do not ask for anything except your email, address and telephone number.