Money Tight? Pay for Vacation with Mystery Shopping!

shutterstock_131399510Everyone likes to take a trip, a vacation, or just a break to get a little R & R. And everyone needs some time to relax. Most of the time the biggest issue with taking a vacation is that it requires extra money. Many mystery shoppers are doing shopping to supplement their income from a full-time job; it is not out of the question to figure that money can be tight. So how do you take that much earned vacation? Use your mystery shopping!

I don’t just mean to use the money you earn from mystery shopping. While that is a great idea, and can certainly help, I mean to take vacations that are mystery shops. There are companies out there that offer reimbursement for lodging and some meals, possibly even a visit to the on-site bar or lounge. Some companies offer reimbursement for cruises leaving from various ports. Make note of the word “reimbursement.” Most companies will not pay you up front. So be aware of that going in, and have the money to spend on the vacation upfront.

Believe it or not, some companies have mystery shops for golf courses, resorts and spas as well. Do your research and you can take a great vacation and get paid to take it! Step things up a notch by using multiple companies to score various attraction tickets, meals from local restaurants and fast food establishments, and even gas shops.

The downside of all this is that you will have to take the time for mystery shopping, make notes, and enter the shops in a quality manner. Just like any other shops you do, you need to allow time to enter honest, well-written reports. Take this into consideration when you are planning your trip. You might want to take a couple extra days of vacation to allow a little more relaxation time, depending on how many shops you plan to do. Be careful not to overbook yourself for shops on a vacation. If it isn’t worth the pay and the distraction from your time off, do not commit to it. And be aware that any company planning to pay you for lodging and possibly travel reimbursement (limited airfare, gas cost) expects high quality reporting that is very well written.