Talk on the Telephone and Earn Money

Talk on the Telephone and Earn MoneyIf you need to make some extra money, or are a stay-at-home mom or student, performing telephone mystery shops are an easy and quick way to earn income. All that is required is a telephone, access to a computer, a notepad and pen, and a few hours each week.
There are many mystery shopping sites that cater to paying shoppers for telephone calls. Normally, the average pay for a telephone call shop is approximately $5 to $15. These shops often involve asking certain questions and recording the employee’s responses on a computer survey form. Many telephone shops involve a banking situation or may involve a question and answer conversation on an apartment or home.

If you sign up for several telephone shops, be sure to remember that during the later part of the month, many shops offer bonuses to complete their shops by the end of the month. You can make several hundred dollars each month right in the comfort of your own home.

You don’t have to waste any gas by having to use your car to drive to a job, no more driving delays, and with these types of jobs, you do not even need to own a car to make extra money! The telephone calls are all “800” type of telephone numbers, so there is no upfront charge to perform these shops.

You just make the call, ask the questions, record the individual’s answers, type it in the computer form, and submit your job for payment. Earning money and making a few hundred dollars each month from the comfort of your home couldn’t get any easier!

Elisa E.