Recording Shop Notes on Your Cell Phone

Recording Shop Notes on Your Cell PhoneWhen doing a mystery shop you may need to keep accurate times and most likely remember names and descriptions of individuals. Moreover, you may need to keep accurate records of what the individuals you encounter wore and types of clothing.

Keeping all this information in your head can be overwhelming, but there are some tips to keep an accurate commentary.

First of all, when you go on your shop keep your cell phone with you. The easiest way to keep track of all the information is to look for an app that lets your record. So, on your shop you could say things such as: “That is a nice blouse, I like that color red” Or “I like your pants. Those are the same style I wear at work” and “Your shoes look really comfortable”. When you leave the shop you simply review your recordings when you are away from the shop location.

If you don’t have a smart phone and have a regular phone. You can remember certain things such as dress and times by excusing yourself to use the restroom. Once there make sure no one is around and call your message in to another answer machine or write it in a text you save for yourself. Again you keep notes and then wait until you leave your shop location to enter the information in when you have privacy.

Clear and accurate record keeping is a skill all mystery shoppers should have. Those shoppers who have the ability to keep an accurate account will be offered more shops those who do not.