Check and Double Check!

Check and Double CheckAs you perform mystery shopping assignments, you will discover that spelling and grammar are important when you submit a final report to the company. Many jobs are given to shoppers who submit well written reports that do not contain spelling or grammatical errors. You want your company representative to remember you when jobs are released each month so you get first choice at the well paying assignments.  Ensure that you have found a good spell and grammar check program, download it to your computer, and use it each time to check each report before it is submitted to the company.

Unfortunately, the computer spell check system does not always catch inappropriate word usage or missing words and a personal read through on each report is mandatory. I often re-read my reports at least twice and it is amazing how many times I find an error on the second reading that I missed on my first review.

Most spell check programs are free downloads, so search the Internet for free ones or find the least expensive and most effective spell and check system for your written documents. If you do not have another person available to read your text, a spell check program is invaluable for the mystery shopper to check each document. After you spell check, remember to read your text and then double check and re-read your written report.

This check and double check method will help you to ensure that your submission of your mystery shopping form will always appear professional, accurate, well written, and will help to always have representatives eager to offer you more jobs.