Have Your Voice Heard

Have your voice heardWant to voice your opinion? Want to give positive or negative feedback no matter what people think and get recognized for it in the form of compensation? Do you want to really make a difference? Well I do and I want to tell you what happened to me when I decided to step out on faith and do something different. I didn’t think this mystery shopping “thing” I called it would work but after about six months now and counting when I look back, I was able to pay a lot of bills so for that reason and any I would say that it does work out.

But more importantly I was able to voice my opinion. Have you ever been inside a restaurant or store or some type of business and you know there were areas and a lot of them that they could improve in, but your say would either be taken as “yeah, yeah, yeah” instead of taken seriously? Well I have been there but now when I make a comment, someone else is reading that and making a list of things that need to be corrected soon. That to me is influence and as I started getting more influence, I became as a person empowered and felt better about me.

You see sometimes when you lose your job you feel a certain type of way and it might not be a positive way that you really need to feel. Well mystery shopping gave me back myself. mystery shopping made me feel good again and not feel like I was a loser for losing my job. I recommend anyone to mystery shop!