The Learning Curve

learning-curveMystery Apartment Shopping for EPMS in the last four years has been an exceptional experience for me. I learned early in my sales and customer service career that in order to be successful you must have a positive attitude and perform the task as promised. I began to notice that each and everything I learned along the way could be put to use again, whether it was learning Microsoft Excel and creating spreadsheets or being persistent when faced with voice mail.

If you are just beginning to mystery apartment shop or have been struggling and becoming discouraged, keep in mind that you must be organized, pay close attention to your instructions as each job is different and ask questions of your scheduler if you find the need to do so. EPMS has been around since 1984 and although they have perfected mystery apartment shopping where other companies have failed, management continues to review and improve all phases of operations. Successful organizations know that evolving is the only way to get to being #1 and staying on top.

I have put to use many of my acquired skills and carefully scrutinize all instructions for every shop. You can do this too by putting forth that extra effort each time you speak to a leasing representative on the phone or onsite at an apartment community. It’s amazing what you can accomplish by reading your provided shopper data thoroughly and paying attention to the smallest detail. And you will continue to learn, sometimes from previous errors, every time you are accepted by EPMS to perform a shop. Be the best at what you do and the recognition will follow!