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One of the defining features of the Great Recession and not so great recovery has been the surge in long-term unemployment. As of March this year, more than 3.7 million Americans had been out of work for more than six months, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the median duration of unemployment was 16.3 weeks. Although this is down from the record high in 2010, it is still far away from the above pre-recession norms.

Mystery Shopping DisguiseAre you unemployed and waiting for someone to knock at your door?

The best kept secret is mystery shopping. It’s fun, dynamic, and educational. What is so interesting about it is that you get to be the “other person.” What I mean by that is you get the opportunity to critique places, things, services, products and people. You become the expert.
Have you ever wanted to be the boss? Have total control? Have you ever wanted to really make a difference by voicing your opinion where people really listen?

I too felt this way and this is why mystery shopping filled the void. Your opinion really matters! No more is your voice just heard and the words just go right out of the window. Your voice, your opinion and thoughts put together are heard. Here you can make a difference.
Sure the money is great but for some of us, making a difference counts more.

Become a mystery shopper today. The economy hasn’t changed much, jobs aren’t calling people back like they use to, businesses are closing, and there is just so, so, so much more that doesn’t look to be a bright future without a part-time gig.
Become a Mystery Shopper Today.

By John J