Are Organizational Skills Important for Independent Contractors

The modern business world has rapidly changed. Organizations are looking forward and finding ways to respond and address the challenges they meet on a daily basis. Market pressures and close competition means there is a need for a varied work force. Competent and skillful talents are in demand more than before.

WorkCalendarThat means independent contractors or freelancers are becoming needed nowadays. A lot of companies have seen the potential of having better services and levels of satisfaction if they will hire independent contractors. Aside from the remarkable skills and competencies of the freelances, their services are also affordable compared to huge organizations.

Though independent contractors excel in their field, sometimes their ability to run and organize their business is minimal. Some of the top organizational skills that they need to posses are administration skills, communication skills and record keeping.

Administration skills are very important for independent contractors. The need for record keeping is essential, as taxes are not taken out of the freelancer’s pay. At the end of the year, a form has to be filled out and sent to the IRS. A communication skill such as keeping logs of emails and spoken conversations with employers is also needed as way of reference. The use of spreadsheets as well as word-processing software can greatly help with record keeping.

File keeping can help make all the employers and their respective contracts and IRS forms easy to find and keep safe. In order to do this you need file folders and a reference system such as alphabetical. This way if you need to find the contract you signed for a particular company you can do so easily.